Here at Mike Albert Sales and Service, we often define ourselves as an "off-lease" dealership. This term may be unfamiliar to some of our local Cincinnati and Fairfield, OH drivers. If you're one of these people, we highly encourage you to learn a little bit more about what it means to be "off-lease," to buy these models, and the very many benefits that come with it. So, what exactly does it mean? You're about to find out.

Off-Lease Vehicles

An off-lease vehicle is a vehicle that was previously leased by a business. These models often include cars, work vans, and commercial trucks that businesses use to get their jobs done. Whether that means using a luxury sedan as a company car that a member of the business could use on trips, a work truck that was at the job site, or a cargo van that was utilized in material transportation or contractor-related work—these models have been used by businesses. Many businesses plan to go into a corporate lease for short-term vehicle needs, and as the lease ends, they return the model to us near Harrison, OH.

Why is an Off-Lease Vehicle a Good Option for Me?

Choosing to purchase an off-lease vehicle is a great option for many of our local Mason and Hamilton area shoppers. Why? The preponderance of these models have been part of Fleet Maintenance Plans because they've been driven by members of a business or corporation. This means that no smoking was allowed, no pets were allowed inside the work trucks or vans, and corporate drivers were the only ones to drive them. Think of how you would drive a vehicle that doesn't belong to you—likely with more care. This means that many of these models are truly "like-new." They've been cared for in a specialized manner that not every used model has.

Start hopping today at our dealership near Lebanon to score one of our unique off-lease models. We think you'll love this innovative way of getting behind the wheel of alike-new car, truck, van, or SUV.