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Have you ever considered using a work cargo van as part of your businesses' fleet? These powerful models are made by all of the top commercial truck brands and make for a great option as part of your fleet. Not only can these models be customized to your needs, but they can also provide the storage and versatility you need that a normal commercial truck can't always provide.

What is a Work Cargo Van and What Companies Is It Ideal For?

A cargo van is a van-style vehicle often equipped with the same or similar engine configuration as the trucks that are part of that model's lineup. For example, the Ford lineup makes the Ford F-150 and the Ford Transit-150. Both feature the 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with a 10-speed transmission. As you work your way up the lineup, you'll find a Ford Transit-250 and Transit-350 that mirror the trucks of the same name.

How Can I Upfit My Cargo Van?

Part of what makes a cargo van so unique is the fact that you can truly customize it to your liking. This is often called "upfitting" because you will have the opportunity to completely change the interior of the open cargo space in your van to fit your particular needs. For example, there are special unfits for plumbers, electricians, contractors, and other types of common businesses that utilize cargo vans as part of their fleet. Here are some of the other most popular upfits you can choose to ensure your cargo van is equipped to handle what your business needs most:

  • Drawer configurations and systems
  • Bulkhead partition options
  • Specialized shelving in your van
  • Racks for ladders and other frequently-used tools
  • Storage units

Which Cargo Vans Do You Have in Stock near Fairfield, OH?

We offer a robust inventory of cargo vans from Chevy and Ford. You'll find the Chevy Express 2500, which is fitted with a 4.8-liter V8 engine and a six-speed transmission for sale in our inventory. You can also find the popular Ford Transit Connect lineup in its entirety in our inventory. We offer various engine configurations, safety systems, and technology situs throughout the lineup to ensure you get the features you need to make your business's fleet successful. You may be surprised to learn that many of these cargo vans are equipped with updated safety and technology systems such as blind-spot warnings, on-the-go wireless hotspots, large touchscreens, and backup aides, just as you would find in the sedan, SUV, and truck models in the Chevy and Ford lineups.

Lease or Buy a Cargo Van for Your Business

We offer corporate leasing and financing options for you and your Mason or Lebanon company. We have plenty of experience working with local businesses so that you can find the financing opportunities that work best with your specific business's needs and requirements. If you want to make a short-term commitment and get the benefits of lower monthly payments, perhaps a corporate lease would be the right choice for you. Those who plan to incorporate their new or used cargo van into their fleet for many years may prefer the corporate financing option.

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Have you decided the tone of our commercial cargo vans is the right choice for your business or lifestyle near Hamilton? Now's your chance to shop our dynamic selection of models that range manufacturer. Book a test drive with one of your favorites online today, and then move one step closer to optimizing your business for your needs based on a simple to use and fleet-focused cargo van from our inventory at Mike Albert Sales & Service.