Here at Mike Albert Sales and Service, we believe that transparency is the key to forging lasting relationships with our customers, so we've striven to make it the very root of how we do business here at our dealership. When you buy a used car at our dealership, you don't have to worry about doing any guesswork about the car's condition or its history. We aim to be totally transparent about everything from the window stickers to the vehicle history reports. So, if you're looking for a used car that inspires confidence, look no further than our used car dealership in Cincinnati.

Below are a few ways in which we are striving towards greater transparency:

Window Stickers

We want you to know exactly when you're getting when you purchase a used vehicle from our dealership. That's why we make sure that the window stickers that you see on the models on our lot have all the features that any given vehicle has broken down so that it's easy to figure out what kind of equipment that the vehicle of your choice has to offer here at our dealership serving Fairfield, OH and Mason.

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

History reports are available with all the models in our used car inventory near Hamilton and Harrison. That way, you can get the full life story of any vehicle in our inventory in which you're interested. You can learn more about how many previous owners it had, its maintenance history, and more so that you can have full confidence in your purchase.

Off-Lease Vehicle History

Off-lease vehicles have unique histories as former corporate vehicles leased by national vendors. These models were held at high maintenance standards that included no-smoking and no-pet rules, so they are like-new and ready to go. Our team can provide more details about the various histories of these models.

Learn More

Visit our used car dealership serving Lebanon today to find out more about what we're doing to make sure that your shopping experience inspires peace of mind. We hope to see you soon!